Whole Autumn Term (Y7-9) – Half Class Bundle


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This booklet provides a printed copy of the White Rose Maths premium worksheets. No need to print lots of copies to stick them in books, you have the opportunity to have them all in one place. These are full colour, A4, write in workbooks that are perfect to use in the classroom or send home with children. They can be used alongside the home learning videos we will be producing in the Autumn term.

This school bundle includes 15 copies of:

Year Block Title
Year 7 Block 1 Sequences
Year 7 Block 2 Understand and use algebraic notation
Year 7 Block 3 Equality and equivalence
Year 7 Block 4 Place value and ordering integers and decimals
Year 7 Block 5 Fraction, decimal and percentage equivalence
Year 8 Block 1 Ratio and Scale
Year 8 Block 2 Multiplicative change
Year 8 Block 3 Multiplying and dividing fractions
Year 8 Block 4 Working in the Cartesian plane
Year 8 Block 5 Representing data
Year 8 Block 6 Tables & Probability
Year 9 Block 1 Straight Line Graphs
Year 9 Block 2 Forming and Solving Equations
Year 9 Block 3 Testing Conjectures
Year 9 Block 4 Three-dimensional shapes
Year 9 Block 5 Constructions and congruency

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Year 7, Year 8, Year 9