12 Month Access – Secondary School


Step 1 Choose the number of people you want access this package.
Step 2 Choose a team name

It’s now time to give your team a name. This could be your school name or something that means something to you and your team. Once you’ve signed up you’ll be able to invite other people to join.


The Secondary access option is great for schools who want to save time finding practice to go alongside our steps. For each small step in from Y5 to Y8 you will be provided with write-on and non-write-on/display versions of the same questions.  We have provided Y5 and Y6 content for schools who might want to provide support opportunities for children who arrive at secondary below expected. We have also then put them into a PowerPoint so you use them with the whole class to go through answers.

There are approximately 120 steps per year group. Content will be released through the year. Access will expire 12 months from the date of purchase.

Not all content for all steps will be available at the very start of the year.  We will be releasing the resources over the course of the year and they will not all be available from the very start. New content for Blocks will be uploaded at least 3 weeks before teaching, which gives ample time for planning.