Premium Resources FAQs

What’s included in the price?

We’ve produced a worksheet for every small step in our schemes of learning from Year 1 through to Year 8. You’ll be able to access each worksheet in three different formats:

  • a printable version for students to write on
  • a display version to project for a whole class to see and work on in their books, or to share one between two
  • a PowerPoint version so you can work through questions individually or incorporate them into your lesson planning.

Answers are provided for each individual worksheet.

An individual subscription gives access to resources for a single year group, whereas school subscriptions allow access to the school’s Key Stages as follows:

Individual teacher subscriptions are also available for £19.99 per year for access to a single year group.

All subscriptions are annual.

One of the most popular requests we’ve received is for additional practice questions for students. Our schemes of learning already include exemplar questions for teachers to use in class, but students often need more than these to consolidate their learning. As teachers ourselves, we’re extremely aware of teacher workload and we wanted to help as much as we can by providing high-quality consolidation material to use in lessons and/or for homework.

Quite simply, because they:

  • are full of purposeful practice opportunities
  • embed the concrete – pictorial – abstract approach throughout
  • are designed and written specifically for children in particular year groups
  • get children thinking about the relevant concept
  • interweave content as appropriate
  • encourage mathematical discussion and thinking
  • include variation to help children spot patterns
  • build fluency, reasoning and problem solving.

We want to cater for the needs of as many schools as possible. We’re conscious that some schools have a ‘no worksheet’ policy while others prefer to stick worksheets into students’ books. By producing the same questions in both a write-on and display format, we’re hoping that every teacher feels able to use these resources.

The PowerPoint version features exactly the same questions as the worksheets. As teachers, we’ve all experienced those moments where many students get stuck on one particular question. We don’t want you to use your valuable time ‘snipping’ questions and struggling to reformat them for use on a class screen. Instead, by giving speedy access to a full-screen version of each question, we hope that teachers will find it much easier to work through any tricky points with groups.

Some teachers don’t like sticking sheets in their books, so as an alternative to the write on worksheets we have produced a display version which can either be projected on a whiteboard or printed and shared one between two. It is the same questions but without the room to write answers on the sheets. Where a display version goes onto two sides of A4, you will notice that the second page is repeated. The reason for this is that if two students are sharing a sheet, and one is ahead of the other, by duplicating the second side it causes less of an issue if one person is ready to turn over the page and another isn’t.

Without putting too many words on the page, we wanted a way to give hints to students and teachers about how best to use the questions. Our solution was to use symbols.

A cube symbol suggests the use of concrete manipulatives.
A draw symbol encourages drawing.
A bar model symbol: as bar models are a particular type of drawing, this symbol gives a clear hint when it might be the best method to use.
A talk symbol stimulates mathematical talk to get students to vocalise their thinking.
A think symbol indicates a question where students have to think that little bit deeper.

The worksheets are specifically designed to complement the White Rose Maths schemes of learning. They follow the same small-step breakdown as the schemes, and some questions will be similar but not the same. Most importantly, the worksheets provide many more questions and lots of extra practice!

Although we match the materials to our small steps, you can use our worksheets to support any scheme. Simply use them when the concepts arise. Bear in mind that we will release the content block by block over the course of the coming year, so it will not all be available from the start.

So whether you follow the White Rose Maths schemes or a different scheme and wherever in the world you teach, our worksheets are full of purposeful practice questions that everyone can use!

We don’t produce multiple versions of each worksheet for different attainment levels: we believe that asking different students to do different things makes the job of the teacher harder. Instead, the worksheet tasks can be differentiated in many ways, such as:

  • altering the level of teacher/peer support given
  • tailoring the start point for any given worksheet
  • varying the amount of concrete support and the point at which you withdraw it.

Because we want to build students’ confidence from the beginning, we’ve aimed to make sure that the start of every worksheet is accessible to all. The questions get progressively more challenging, so some students will naturally get further through them than others.

All our worksheets include fluency, reasoning & problem solving practice throughout (although in no particular order) as all students should be exposed to every type of question.

Our worksheets are new for 2019/20 and are being released over the course of the year, not all at once.  The releases follow the order of our single age schemes of learning and our prices have been heavily discounted this year to account for this.  If you are not following our schemes in the same order or are a mixed age teacher, you might find that some resources you require aren’t available at certain points in the year. However, the resources could still be extremely valuable in their first year.  Consider using them as recap of the prior years learning or as home learning activities.

No, for copyright reasons, the files are not editable. The worksheets come in pdf format, and the PowerPoints show the questions as images. If you do not want to use every single question, or if you want to add in some of your own, the PowerPoint version will allow you this flexibility.

Not necessarily. We are always keen to stress that in our schemes of learning, one small step is not necessarily covered in one lesson. Some small steps will take less than a lesson to master, while others will take longer. The same applies to the worksheets: there’s no 1-1 relationship between lessons and sheets: instead, you’re free to use your professional judgement about which questions are appropriate to which lesson.

We have designed the worksheets so they can be used alongside the textbook series, Power Maths. If your students need more practice or greater challenge, then these worksheets will be an ideal resource.

Yes – you can pay for the resources online and have immediate access. Unfortunately we cannot allow a ‘pay by invoice’ option to international schools.

Primary school membership includes only the resources from Years 1 to 6. The content in these year groups fully covers the National Curriculum Key stages 1 and 2. We would not encourage teachers to go beyond the National Curriculum objectives as a way of stretching students as we believe it’s more beneficial todeepentheir thinking around the content they’ve been taught. If you would like access to secondary resources for a different reason, you could purchase an individual monthly membership to a year group of your choice.

A secondary school subscription includes content from upper Key Stage 2 (years 5 and 6). This may be useful to support students who start secondary school with gaps in their knowledge. It also takes into account the overlap between KS2 and KS3.

Most primary schools across the UK and many around the world follow the White Rose Maths schemes and parents may want to access our resources to support their child’s learning. If you do, please note that the worksheets are the same as those that a teacher may use in class, so be careful not to go through the questions in advance.

We’ve kept our prices as low as possible, and by basing licence prices on the number of users, we’ve also taken school size into account.

If you are a Multi Academy Trust or want to give wider access to more users (e.g. parents or students) then please contact one of the team for a bespoke quote and we’ll do our best to meet your needs. Email

We’re not stopping at Year 8! We’ll produce worksheets for the later secondary years as our new secondary schemes of learning are completed over the next academic year.

We always like to provide what teachers really want, so if you think there’s something else we should do next, then please email us to let us know!